Where Sadness and Hope Mingle

This past week has been full of hard news. News of death, news of loss, news of unexpected sickness. It’s difficult to trust in the goodness of God when you see the world falling out from under those around you.

In each case, though the news doesn’t directly affect my life or my family, I feel the ripple of it. I ache with the pain of the mother who lost her son, the wife who fears for the health of her husband. My heart breaks for them as I imagine what it must feel like, how hard it must be to live first hand.

And as I pray for them through tears of compassion, I cling to the hope that this earth is not our home. That an earthly death is not our enemy because everything that makes us who we are as believers, is eternal. I cling to the hope of heaven.

4 thoughts on “Where Sadness and Hope Mingle

  1. Last week was full of death and sadness for us too. Not sure what it was exactly but seems like many of my friends lost loved ones, and to finish off the really awful week on Friday afternoon while having lunch with my good friend, our poor waiter had a heart attack and passed away right after taking our order. It was just a really sad sad week. Thank you for posting this Heather, and here’s to hope that this week will bring more joy.

  2. This is a timely post for me. I’ve been writing a lot about keeping hope and not letting it being overcome by sadness. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life right now.

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