Those Loved and Unloved

We had a great weekend, despite the fact I’m fighting off a cold (sad face).

Friday night we had our weekly family dinner and a great visit with my parents, siblings and nephews.

And on Saturday we raked leaves. 

Everyone makes leaf-raking sound like such a fun fall activity – everyone jumping around in slow-mo, tossing leaves in the air, laughing and twirly as they cascade to the ground.

Not at our house.

At our house its more like dragging the husband out of the house, listening to him deep sigh(you know the one) as we rake leaves and dog crap into big piles, bending over to scoop it all up into 17 bags – yes 17 bags.  It looks like sore backs and marital tension (don’t worry, we’re over it now), and lots of self-talk, “just be patient Heather, don’t get upset.”

But after the leaves and poop were piled and bagged we took a drive to our favorite little diner

and stopped at a pumpkin patch along the way.

Isn’t he precious?  Our lil punkin!

That’s one happy boy!

And as we relaxed, and ate and smiled into the precious face of our boy I couldn’t help thinking about all the little ones who have no face to smile at.  The ones who are orphaned, abused, abandoned.  The ones who are unloved. 

Lately I’m constantly thinking about the children who don’t have a family – the ones who have no mother, no father.  The ones who want to laugh and smile and would if there was just someone there to receive it – someone to see them, to love them.

Alex and I have talked about adopting one day, but I don’t want to wait until then.  I want to do something NOW to help the orphans and the unloved ones.  So next month I’m offering sponsorship on my blog for $5 per spot and all proceeds will go directly to this organization: God’s Littlest Angels

If you are already swapping with me, I’d invite you to still donate to this cause (msg me if you’re interested).  And if you aren’t a sponsor, but would like to be, all it takes is $5 to give a child a face to smile at (msg me for more info).

This week I’m thinking and praying for those loved and those unloved.

What about you?  What’s on your heart this week?

6 thoughts on “Those Loved and Unloved

  1. LOL… that is so funny! me and kevin were just discussing over the weekend why we don’t really want much of a yard…and him not wanting to rake the leaves or mow the lawn was one of his top reasons. beautiful pictures!

  2. Your little boy is so adorable!! Those pictures are so great. I just wrote a post about adoption. I can totally relate, yet I still have a few years to work on that one haha. Gotta get married first. That’s so great that you and your husband are considering it though.

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