Spontaneous Backyard Bonfire

Now that lil C is in our lives we don’t have the most exciting social schedule.  We promised ourselves not to be bound to the house and our baby’s routine, but often it’s just easier to stay home.

But on Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from my cousin inviting us over for a wiener roast!  I know it doesn’t sound that thrilling but for me, this was big news! In fact it was the most exciting social event of our week!  I even did my makeup!  Sure my aunt and uncle only live two blocks away and we were roasting wieners in their backyard, but I was pumped.  It was fun.  Have a look.

My sweet cousin Sarah holding Cohen

See, doesn’t that look like fun?  It was, okay.  It was.

I like fires…and wieners…

7 thoughts on “Spontaneous Backyard Bonfire

  1. cohen is so cute! and that hair is amazing!!!

    and yes, it is a lot easier to stay in. plus you want to stay away from any who is sick with the little new baby.

    but glad you got out and had some fun!


  2. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend! 🙂 I wish I could have spontaneous backyard fires…but where I live….outdoor fires are prohibited during dry parts of the year…. I could be spontaneous and have one…and then I could use my very hefty fine as a means to get my fire going even more! 🙂

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