Our Love Story: Part 2

Now where were we?

Oh ya, Alex’s crotch. (check out Part 1 for an explanation!)

When we first met Alex thought I was an “ice princess”.  Those were his words exactly.  I guess ignoring him for the first few hours of our interaction didn’t give him the warmest impression.  But after the bonfire, things started to heat up.  (oh my, that’s just bad).

During the bonfire a couple of the leaders got out their guitars and we had a spontaneous worship session.  The whole time I was distracted, glancing over at Alex to see if he was really in love with Jesus.  Was he truly worshiping, or totally distracted?…like I was…oops!  After a few peeks it was obvious to me that the guy was genuine and my attraction increased.

The next day we attended their Sunday morning church service and when our team was getting ready to leave, Alex came over to help us load up our suitcases.  A few of the leaders wanted to meet up with us in Calgary the next night and I casually asked Alex if he’d be coming.  He said he wasn’t sure.

And then it happened.

I made my BIG move.

If I wouldn’t have been for these three words, we wouldn’t be together today.  Are you ready for em?

I said, “You should come!”

Big Cheesy Smile.  Bat Of The Eyelashes.  Wink, Wink.  Nudge, Nudge.

He later told me that if I wouldn’t have said those three words, he wouldn’t have come.

The next night in Calgary we met up to go to a worship service and decided to go out for appetizers after.  Alex sat beside me and we talked non-stop for the whole time.  There were about 6 other people at the table but we ignored them completely!  At the end of our meal I told him about a book I was reading and he said he wanted to write down the title.  He asked if anyone had a pen and paper.  My heart beat faster.

After writing down the title of the book he casually said he should probably get my number as well.  Just in case. What a sneaky guy.

We all said goodbye in the restaurant parking lot and after getting into the van with the girls, I screamed!!!

We spent the rest of the night going over every detail of the weekend, replaying the moments and analyzing them to death.  I said I hoped he’d call the next day.  My bff Amanda said she hoped he’d wait at least two days.

Three days later he called.

We spent the next ten weeks talking on the phone almost daily.  He had flowers sent to my house.  He even mailed me a letter he’d typed on an old type-writer and tea stained!  Ya, for those of you who know Alex, it’s hard to believe.  But it true.

He tea stained a letter.

And after 10 weeks of phoning, texting, emailing and tea staining, he flew to Winnipeg to meet my family and make it official.

(photos are from my first trip to visit Alex and our engagement photo shoot)

Part 3

7 thoughts on “Our Love Story: Part 2

  1. OMG I LOVE YOU BLOG! as soon as i clicked the link i loved it. so glad you followed me on twitter, it allowed me to find you back!!! i love your perspective on God. i’m all about BEING the love of God and beliving in Him for things beyond our wildest dreams and knowing that it was He has in mind for us from the start. So happy to have found you!

  2. Loving your love story, Heather!!! It’s amazing going back to reflect on how God, in his perfect love for us, brings the right people together at just the right time. 🙂

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