Our Love Story: Part 1

Alex and I almost missed each other that spring.  In fact, if I wouldn’t have paid attention to those three dreams we wouldn’t be together today.

It was the spring of 2006 and I was deciding where to spend the summer after my 4th year of university.  The options were:

1. Keats Camp (a bible camp on Vancouver Island)


2. Tour with Beautiful Unique Girl as the main speaker and co-leader with my dear friend Amanda Falk.

I was having a lot of trouble deciding because I’d been working at camp for the past 6 summers and the thought of not going killed me.  As much as the idea of a 6 week speaking tour was appealing, I wasn’t sure about all that time cramped up in a van, driving across Canada.

In the weeks before making the decision I had three dreams.

Dream #1: I was driving my mom’s Honda Accord (that car is smart!) to camp.  On the way I stopped to steal some tomatoes from some dudes garden and while I was thieving, a tree fell on my car.  Serves me right, hey?  I couldn’t go the rest of the way cuz my car was crushed.

Dream #2: I stole a burgundy van with wood grain (who steals a van?  and one with woodgrain, really?) and was trying to get away fast.  But I ended up on this race track and ended up going round and round in circles, getting nowhere.

Dream #3: My family was driving to camp in a huge Greyhound bus and my brother took a corner way to fast and the whole bus flipped over.  So we didn’t get where we were going.

At the time I was in the habit of writing down my dreams (I really believe God speaks through our dreams), and as I looked back on all of them, there was a theme.

Vehicles not getting where they were supposed to go. 

Often vehicles in dreams represent life direction.  At the time I was leaning towards going to camp and in the dreams I realized every time I tried to get to camp, something stopped me from going.

So based on three dreams I turned down the job at camp.

What I found out a few days later was my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend were going to be working at that very camp and I had no idea.  It was a very messy relationship which ended horribly and being there with them would’ve been torture.

And if I’d gone, I’d never have met Alex.

Our tour started in Winnipeg and ended in Vancouver with dozens of stops in between.  On May 27th we ended up in the dingy town of Brooks, Alberta.  It’s an oil town with not much else to it.  We got to the church and started unloading the van.  As usual, the youth pastor and some volunteers were there to help us.  I was pretty focused that day and didn’t even say hi to our help, two guys in their early 20’s.  I made an effort to thank the youth pastor and his wife but didn’t really pay attention to anyone else.

After setting up for the event I noticed the two guys who helped us were still hanging around.  So I decided I should be nice and asked my classic touring question: “What do you do for fun here in Brooks, Alberta (insert random town name)?”  Right away one of the guys (Alex) mentioned he liked wake boarding.  My ears perked up.  The heavens opened and the angelic choir began to sing!

Wake boarding?!?  Really? Maybe this guy was kinda cute after all. 

I’ll admit I’m a total sucker for guys who do board sports.

We began to talk and maybe there was a bit of flirting going on, some smiles a little bigger than usual.  And maybe Alex demonstrated how he face-planted on his wake board and embarassingly threw himself on the floor at my feet.  And maybe I spent the rest of the night thinking about him and wanting the girls to just leave so I could talk to him more, when he came to help us clean up.

Just maybe.

After the event, we all went to one of the youth leaders houses for a bonfire and I’ll never forget when Alex walked into the room and declared, “Guys, I spilled coffee all over my crotch”.  I swooned.  No really, I found his lack of embarrassment totally attractive.  This guy was the real deal.

(all photos are from our wedding rehearsal in Cuba)

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6 thoughts on “Our Love Story: Part 1

  1. Love the story~ I should like to tell some of my own about Alex……haha.
    We’ve hosted the BUG Tour here and it is wonderful! You and Amanda & all the girls have been involved in mentoring young women in wonderful way!
    They are so excited and love coming!

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