No Turning

40 weeks +2 days

Baby Boersma is still breech – stubborn little guy.  Alex and I have been saying he’d be stubborn all along.  If he’s anything like his momma and his daddy then he has a mind of his own.  Headstrong.  My ribs are sore he’s so headstrong.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to get this little one to turn too.  Here’s a list starting from the one’s I thought would help the most, to the ones I thought would help the least.  Obviously the order doesn’t matter because in the end – none of them worked!   But here goes.

Chiropractor – 4 visits so far and no turning.  My uncle, who is a surgeon says I’m crazy to think a chiropractor could do anything in the first place.  I have to say I now agree!

Acupuncture – Basically this involved lighting an incense-type stick thing that stunk really bad and waving it past my baby toes.  Yes, waving it past my baby toes – that is what I said.  Ten minutes on each side for 10 days.  Guess what, it didn’t work.  And I was out $100.

Swimming – I actually went to the pool at 39 weeks pregnant – put on a pretty unattractive maternity bathing suit and swam, somersaulted and even did handstands!  I could only hold my breath for about 12 seconds so I don’t know if the handstands really worked.  Actually what am I saying – they didn’t work.  No turning after the pool but it was fun to re-enact the sinking of the Titanic!

Music in my pants…yes I put my ipod in the elastic waistband of my prego jeans and played music to my croch all day.  It was supposed to make him turn his head to the music.  Maybe he just didn’t like my taste in music – big surprise there.  I am his mom after all – how cool can the music I listen to really be?

Pelvic Tilt position – On my back with my hips up, on all fours with my head smooshed into the ground and even with my legs and butt on the bed and my head and hands off the side of the bed on the floor.  That one didn’t last long because all the blood was rushing to my head and making me feel strange.

Ice on the top of my belly.  But a true Winnipeger, he didn’t even flinch at the cold.  In fact I bet he liked it.

Flashlight shone at the bottom of the belly.   Again, just made me look pretty stupid with a flashlight in my pants.

I think that’s all of them.  In conclusion, my baby wants to come out butt first – mooning the world! And I’m okay with that, I think.  But one way or the other I’m so ready to meet him and I don’t care how he comes.  As long has he’s safe and healthy I’ll know it was all worth it!

We’re ready for you baby.

5 thoughts on “No Turning

  1. He will come out in all his mooning glory. No boring entrance from your baby Heather, he’s going to make a statement. And he will be perfect and your going to be a mom. YOUR GOING TO BE A MOM!!!

  2. Heather you are so funny!

    I’m sorry to hear about your stubborn little guy – I pray that you will have a safe delivery and a healthy little boy in your arms SOON!


  3. Heather you are so cute! I guess if my baby ends up being breach I have a few things to try! But Josh and I are still praying for you guys, that you have a safe and healthy delivery and healthy baby!

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