New Friends and A Giveaway!!!

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to a few of my new friends!  These are all amazing women who I’m sponsor swapping with this month and I think  you need to meet them, and check out their blogs cuz they’re just awesome.

Meet Bria from “I’ve Come Undone”

Life is so busy. It feels like one day you’re swimming at the beach, basking in the sunshine and the next you’re wrapping gifts and placing them under the tree. All-of-a-sudden another year is gone and the kids have sprouted-up another foot. It’s so easy to let all of the day-to-day slip by. All of those funny stories, silly pictures, special moments and simple yet life-shaping thoughts float by and we rarely take time to truly reflect on them. I’ve Come Undone is a place where I’ll let you in on a lot of what what makes up my life; kids, crafting, baking, music, photography, marriage and the bible (just to name a few). It’s a place where I slow down and enjoy and share.


Meet Jessica from “All Things Remembered”

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m married to an amazing man, Bryan. Together we have a handsome son, Landon. All Things Remembered is my little place on the web where I like to share my life happenings and pictures of my little man.


Meet Liz from “Behind the Scenes”

Hey there fabulous readers, I’m Liz & I blog over at Behind the Scenes where I write about my marriage, my faith, my attempt at cooking & crafting, plus lots of other random topics. I also throw some fun giveaways in here & there! I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts & I love it. I also have plans of opening up a canvas design shop with my hubby; so be sure to check in find out about that 🙂

Meet Ashley from “La Luce”

Hello! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson. I’m a Jesus lover, a wife, and an artist. Over on La Luce I share my creative inspirations, my adventures of living for God, and my desire for the spirit of LOVE to totally and completely saturate the world. Come join in GiveLove365 and be apart of something that encourages literally BEING the love of God.



Okay, this is an awesome giveaway and I’m so very excited about it!!!

This product is from a line of cleaning products I absolutely love called Norwex.  I love them because they don’t use ANY chemicals which means they are friendly to our planet and safe for us and our children.  Here’s a little interview with my friend Cyndi who is a Norwex consultant to tell you a little more about it.

1. What is your name and what is the product you sell?
My name is Cyndi Sawatzky and I am a Norwex consultant.

2. Briefly describe the item you’re giving away.
I am giving away the Bathroom Scrub Mitt (retails at $23.99).

With just this mitt and some water, you can clean your tub in less than half the time it takes to clean a tub using chemicals. It was this product that got me selling Norwex!

3. Why do you believe in and love the products you sell?
Norwex’s mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the amount of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. This means that with Norwex’s cleaning products, you only use water to clean your entire home. I don’t need to worry about me or my family breathing in or absorbing harmful chemicals. And the personal skin care line has all natural and organic ingredients with advanced technology so they are not only safe to use on our bodies but also do wonders for our skin!

4. Where can we find you and your product?
To have a home party (in the Winnipeg area), you can call me at (204) 661-2200; email me at; or you can order online at

5. Are there any discounts, promotions, etc. you’d like to tell readers about?
If you and your friends already know a lot about Norwex and its microfibre products, we have 3 great new skin care lines that have come out this fall. Having a spa party is a great way to be introduced to them and try each product out for yourself! I would love to pamper you and your girlfriends!

To enter:

Follow my blog on Google Friends Connect

Visit Cyndi’s site and comment on which Norwex product would be on your wishlist

********Additional Entries*********

Add Heather on Twitter

Retweet this Giveaway

And leave a comment that you did!

Winners will be chosen randomly next Friday, October 7th

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