Letters from a Big Sister


Sister, do you know you’re not alone?

Letters from a Big Sister is collection of letters written by big sisters in the faith to their little sister — you! In these letters each big sister tells a story of challenge she went through as teen girl and what she learned from that experience. Then Heather pulls out the truth from each letter and gives practical tools and biblical advice on how to apply that truth to see transformation in your own life. 

This book will help you:

  • Grow in your friendship with Jesus
  • Live as a daughter of the King
  • Deal with the hard things you’re facing like comparison, anxiety, family issues, dating, social media and more.

If you’re feeling alone and discouraged, or just need a pep talk, this book will remind you that if God can do it for your big sis, He will do it for you too! 

Contributing Authors: 

Jess Connolly, Jessica Honneger, Jamie Ivey, Jenna Kutcher, Kristene Dimarco, Tiffany Thurston, Leslie Crandall, Rach Kincaid, Carrie Lloyd, Lauren Vallotton, Alisha Mckay, Shezza Ansloos, Hannah Giddens, and Summer Wright.


“This is what the gals of our generation are craving – a big sister, rooted in God’s Word to guide and encourage them as they’re going. Heather has listened to the heart of her readers and partnered with the Lord to give them varied voices and Biblical wisdom to spur them on. Not only would I suggest reading this book, I’d massively encourage every woman I know to buy a handful of copies for the girls in her life!”- Jess Connolly Co-author of Wild and Free and author of Dance Stand Run

“Surviving my teenage years without this book or a big sister is only God’s grace in my life. Letters from a Big Sister is full of raw and honest stories from women that have learned lessons the hard way, and have seen and tasted the goodness of God through it all. Heather’s wisdom to exposit each story and attach actionable responses is a gift that will persevere the hearts of today’s teenagers.” – Jamie Ivey Best Selling author of If You Only Knew, host of The Happy Hour podcast

“Life isn’t just a journey from here to there, but from who we are to who we are becoming. This book is full of wisdom and insights about how to journey well and become the magnificent woman God has created you to be.” – Helen Burns Pastor, Relate Church

“This is such a brilliant and beautiful resource for teen girls! I love the compassion, kindness, and wisdom that fill these pages, and the engaging nature of the book. I wish I’d had this to encourage me through my younger years. We need all the help we can get.” – Candace Johnson Senior Leader, Bethel Church