Jump Start Your Devotional Life

Doesn’t it just stink that it’s at least twice a hard to start a good habit as to break a bad one? Oh, how I wish it were the other way around. Then maybe I’d go to the gym more often than I eat a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs…

And taking time to be in God’s word daily is one of those habits I’ve struggled to form and keep over the last few years.  I wrote a bit about that journey in this post, and many of you could relate to my story.

So here are a few ideas on how to jump start your devotional life. No matter how bad it’s gotten, there is no time like the present to work on making it better. Hopefully at least one of these ideas will spark your creativity and help you along on your personal walk with the Lord.

1. Read your Bible in a new translation

Lately I’ve been going through #souldetox You Version reading plan (a great iphone app, if you haven’t heard) with the She Read Truth community. I did this study once before, but this time I’m making it new by reading each days’ scripture in The Message version instead of NIV. It’s amazing how reading the same truth in different language can bring it alive in a new way.

2. Find a great devotional book

I’m all for keeping the Bible as the most important book in my life. So often we spend ou time reading so many books about the Bible and forget to actually dig into the scriptures themselves.  However, a great devotional book can really help hold you accountable to daily study, especially if it’s one that runs for 30 or 40 days.

Here are a few good ones:

1. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

2. A Call to Die by David Nassar

3. One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp

4. Dream Big by me! 🙂

3. Do it with a friend

Maybe you can’t meet on a regular basis, but why not go through a reading plan or devotional book with a friend? Text each other your thoughts from each day. Take a photo of a quote you loved and send it to them. Celebrate together when you’ve finished the plan or book with a coffee date or dinner out.  It’s always easier to start new habits when you have an ally to do it with.

4. Take time to soak

So often we go to God with an agenda. Why not go to Him without a plan, without a long list of requests and instead just turn on some great worship music, lay on the couch or your bed, and soak it all in. He longs to love you, to be gracious to you, and to sing over you. Take a few moments and just let his waves and breakers of love roll over you.

5. Remember the why

Why spend time with the Lord in the first place? Is it just another religious practice to fend off guilt? Another item to check off our to do list? Or is it about getting to know our Savior, our Father, our best friend? God is crazy about you and wants to be with you. More than your service, your good deeds, your accomplishments, God is after your heart.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! What would be your top tip for jump starting a devotional life? Please feel free to comment below.



3 thoughts on “Jump Start Your Devotional Life

  1. These are great suggestions! I definitely love she reads truth and jesus calling…Some of my favorites! I keep meaning to download dream big! I want it! haha…As soon as I finish my current devotional–I think I am going to give it a go!

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