The theme for the last week of Advent is JOY! 

I love this because there really something to be joyful about this week.

Celebrating the coming of Christ.

Maybe you’re not feeling the JOY this week.  Maybe you’re stressed out, tired, busy, sick, anxious about all that needs to be done – but that’s okay.  You can still experience the JOY of Christmas because JOY isn’t a feeling.

It’s a choice.


Each day of Advent I’ve been reading a verse that relates to the theme of the week and here is today’s verse.

This verse reiterates the truth that JOY is a choice.

Plus it draws an arrow pointing directly down the pathway to JOY.

Focus on the Lord’s goodness.

If you can’t seem to find the JOY today, take a moment to focus on the goodness of God.

Think of all the ways He has blessed you.

Thank Him for His generosity.

Ask Him to remind you of all the “good things” He has done for you.

And then allow the JOY of the Lord to fill you.  It’s His gift to you.


Oh – and if you guessed the bookend from yesterday’s Thrift or Gift post, you were right!!

13 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I love this quote. Today…I will choose JOY.

    I most definitely needed to read this today considering I sort of woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning 🙂


  2. I love this! Especially the joy is a choice part – because it really is. People tell me they cant be as happy as I am because their life is harder, my challenges are easier, or some other excuse…and i don’t mean to belittle their challenges, or say my life is hard…but happiness (or joy/and joy) is a choice! and a choice that is easier to make knowing that Christ came and loved and died for us. nothing can be as bad as that is happy.
    merry christmas!
    oh and i’m your newest follower 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It’s just what I needed today. I used to love this time of year, and really I still do. But ever since I went back to school, this time of year has become more and more about final projects and stressing over exams than about the Joy of Christ and the Christmas season. I’m exhausted and feel like I can’t get enough sleep much of the time, but you are right. I need to let the Joy of the Lord fill me today. Great post!

  4. So true! Joy is a choice. It is something that I have to frequently remind myself. I love the scripture on the chalkboard.

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