It May Break Your Heart

When I first saw this photo I cried.

If you read the second half of my post from yesterday, you’ll understand why.

I don’t really know what to say except that today I’m so grateful for ALL I have.

I’m so thankful for my healthy boy, my hardworking, dedicated and committed husband.

When you start to get down, frustrated, discouraged remember there is always someone out there who wishes they could have what you have.

Gratitude is the doorway to JOY.

Walk through it today.

10 thoughts on “It May Break Your Heart

  1. YES! A couple times I’ve been in town running around feeling tired and very pregnant…and definitely NOT in the mood to chase after a two year old. Then someone looks at me and smiles and says, “You are so lucky!” I always smile back and say, “Yes, I really am!” I totally realize how short life is and how blessed I really am and HOW MUCH I am going to miss my babies when they are all growed up!

  2. This does break my heart. It’s almost to the point where I don’t even want to look at it, but it’s also such an incredible reminder to be grateful for our many blessings and the ones who sacrificed to give them to us.

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