I Love the Ocean Life

Don’t you wish your best friend lived near the ocean?  Or maybe you’re lucky like me and she does.  Or even better, you ARE the best friend who lives by the ocean!

I would prefer if my girl lived near me, that would be ideal, but the next best thing is by the ocean. That way, when I visit her I get the HUGE bonus of being near the sea.  It also gives me another really good reason to move there one day!

Alex, Cohen and I just got back from visiting our dear friends Alisha and David.  We spent the last 4 1/2 days walking down the boardwalk in White Rock, shopping, visiting, eating amazing food and for me, getting my best friend fuel-up.  It’s hard having my dear girl so far away!  (Underwear Off!)

I’d love to make a pot of Cream of Earl Grey tea with you, sit down on your coziest couch, and tell you all about it, but that would probably bore you and more and more I’m trying to write as though that’s really what’s happening.  Two friends, sitting on an overstuffed couch with tea, connecting about life.  Isn’t that what all of us bloggers are really trying to do?

If not, I hope you’ll consider that maybe you should.  Ask yourself, before you write your post, would I have this conversation with my girlfriends over a pot of tea?  Or would they just think I’m rambling about myself too much?  “What can I offer my friend?”, rather than “How can I hear myself talk cuz I like the sound of my voice?”

So friends, here are some things from my trip that might be useful to you!

#1. For those of you with babies, some tips for travel:

Pack light for the plane.  It’s the worst dragging around all kinds of bags and jackets as well as your child. Keep it simple  (do stock up on diapers though).

Don’t bring a purse.  This trip I just tucked my few cards, my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm and gum in a wristlet that could tuck easily in my diaper bag.  Way better than another strap to contend with.

Choose one key toy. I don’t know about your little one, but for C, too many choices of toys, especially when he’s tired, is actually worse than no choices at all.  We caved and bought the trendy “Sophie” giraffe and I’ll have to admit, he loves it.  My trend-rebellion has been broken down, yet again.

And for goodness sakes, just bring the jolly jumper!!!  We had a very kind friend who lives in BC offer us all kinds of baby items and instead of saying yes to it all, I tried to be polite or something and only took the play pen and the bumbo.  Next time I will definitely take the jolly jumper, or bring ours.  Little man just wanted to jump and my arms are still burning!

#2 If you’re renting a car…

I only have one thing to say about this, and one thing alone.  DON’T GO WITH ENTERPRISE!!!  (there’s a story here, but I can’t even go there right now).

#3 Always try for free upgrades.

This trip we ended up in a King suite with an ocean view as an upgrade.  It wasn’t free, but we did get the room for half price and only a bit more than the smaller one we originally chose.  We also got a free upgrade on our rental car and free coupons for appetizers at an amazing restaurant in White Rock.  It never hurts to ask!

#4 Always bring a spare camera battery, especially if you’re a blogger who wants great photos to document your trip and share with your readers and look super – pro.  Ya, I didn’t do that – hence, an almost photo-less post.

And finally, I entered my travel story into a contest a few months back.  Unfortunately I didn’t win the contest, but they still chose to publish my story and you can read it HERE.

Happy Monday!  I can’t wait to come over to your place today, sit on your couch with a cup of tea, and have a proper catch-up!

2 thoughts on “I Love the Ocean Life

  1. Come back to me!!! Please? 😉
    Love this post, girl. Did you call Enterprise yet?? Heh heh… Love you and miss you already!

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