Dreamers Workshop: Tip #4 – Manual Focus

Dreamer Workshop is a series with practical tips you can use to move forward and accomplish your big dreams.  Whether your goals are related to business or blogging, family or fitness, or anything else, these tips will help you TAKE STEPS towards seeing your dreams come to fruition.

The Dreamer Workshop is about living your dreams, not just dreaming your dreams! Find all the tips here:

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Tip #4: Manual Focus

I went to my fourth photography class on Tuesday and we learned about something called “Depth of Field”.  Without getting into it too much (this isn’t a photography lesson after all) the technique is all about having your subject in focus and the background and foreground blurred out.  Something like this:

This week I’ve had a TON of ideas swirling around in my head.

Ideas for promoting my book (book launch, book tour, interviews, giveaways, reviews, etc. etc. etc.)

Ideas for future professional development (getting my Masters, taking a life coaching course, finding a spiritual mentor, attending a conference etc. etc. etc.)

Ideas for my blog

Ideas for my next writing project

Ideas for future speaking engagements

You get the picture. I bet you can relate too, right?  There’s always another dream on the horizon.

But the ideas can become overwhelming.  How do I choose which ones to pursue?  Where do I invest my time, my money, my talent in a way that is MOST effective? What is my next step?

What would the Lord have me do???

Today’s tip was inspired by these questions, and the lesson I learned about depth of field in my photography class.

And the answer is – Use Your Manual Focus.

When you’re trying to take a photo that blurs out the back and fore ground, you generally have to set your camera to manual focus and CHOOSE which subject will be in focus. And as you focus in on the subject, the rest of the photo blurs to keep from distracting from the main subject.

This is exactly what we dreamers need to do with all of our ideas too!  We need to take a step back, and ask ourselves…

What is the ONE THING that I feel called towards?

And of all of my IDEAS, which one is going to move me towards that ONE THING most effectively?

When you know the answer to that question, FOCUS in on that idea and allow the others to blur into the background (for now).  It doesn’t mean you won’t one day focus in on another one of those ideas, but for now, they will only be a distraction.

So today I’m asking myself, what do I need to focus on?  And I’m not just asking myself, I’m asking the Lord – because He has a much better perspective than I and really, it’s all for Him anyways.

3 thoughts on “Dreamers Workshop: Tip #4 – Manual Focus

  1. As a photogeek, I am totally relating to this concept. FURTHERMORE… you hit on exactly what I needed to hear today. Wait. Didn’t you do that yesterday, too?

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