Day 8: Doubt


This past week my Grandpa passed away and what it did was bring me face to face with my faith, and with my fear. Even though I was brought up to believe in Jesus and salvation and eternal life, and have made these beliefs firmly my own, there is still a mystery surrounding physical death. We simply can’t know for certain that there is a heaven and that my Grandpa is there.

But we trust. We believe it by faith, and because of that we have hope.

Yet doubt still creeps in. Doubt that God exists, or that Jesus really rose from the dead. Doubt that the soul really lives forever. Doubt that God actually speaks to us.

Each day that I write more about Hearing God’s Voice I can hear the doubting questions you’re asking, and I have asked them to. I still do.

– How can we be sure it’s God speaking and not our own thoughts?

– Why would God speak anything more than what is written in the bible, or communicate those truths in other words or ways?

– Aren’t people who prophesy and believe in dreams and visions just “crazy Pentacostals?”

I hear you, friends. I really do. I’ve had all the same doubts and for a long time they kept me from exploring the idea of listening prayer. But for me, the proof is in the good fruit. Every time I’ve heard God’s voice and acted on it, either making decisions in my own life or sharing these words with others, it has brought good fruit in my life and theirs. And again, this isn’t because I or anyone else has some kind of inside track with God. We all have the inside track with God because of the Holy Spirit. Friends, we have access to the Father. 

Do you get that? We are so intimately connected to the God who set the whole world in motion that He calls us His children, His image-bearers. We are brothers and sisters (co-heirs) with Jesus, who cast out demons and raised the dead. And we are filled with the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. So to think that God could speak to us through words and pictures and dreams and what others call “coincidence” is not that far of a stretch.

Others may call me crazy for believing this, but guess what? By that definition I’m already a complete nut-ball because I believe Jesus died  for me and was raised from the dead.  Yup, you heard it here. Completely cray cray.

So what I’m saying is, I hear the doubt in your voice. I hear it in my own. Face the doubt. Bring the doubt to Jesus and allow HIM to strengthen your faith. Allow HIM to remind you of the truth. And ask HIM what it means to listen to the voice of God. My words may unintentionally lead you astray, but His certainly will not.

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