Day 28: Coincidence? I Think Not.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe that God speaks to us through the events in our lives, both big and small.

He speaks to us through the little things, the things that make a stop and say, “hey, I was just thinking/talking/reading about that!”

Those times when we read a verse in our devotions on Monday, a friend sends us a card with that same verse on Wednesday, and the pastor preaches about it on Sunday.

Some people say it’s “your life speaking to you”, others call them “signs”. I say it’s God.

Often these “coicidences” happen to teach us something or move us in a certain direction, and sometimes they are just a sweet encouragement from our loving heavenly Father.


Though I’ve experienced both, today I want to tell you about the birds. Over the past few years God has used birds in strange places, to encourage Alex and I.

The first was a little owl in our backyard tree.

I was over 41 weeks pregnant with our son Cohen. We had been preparing for his arrival for months, making sure every detail was in place. We’d chosen an owl theme for his nursery, and I’d enjoyed scouring shops for owl items to add to the room.

A few weeks earlier a close friend of mine bought me a little owl necklace, and when she gave it to me, shared that while praying for my son, she sensed that he would be blessed with wisdom – which owls often represent.

So there I was, feeling larger than life, uncomfortable and discouraged, eating ice cream in the backyard. As I gazed up at the evening sky through the leaves of our backyard tree, I noticed a tiny little owl, sitting on one of the lower branches of our tree. It surprised me because we live in the middle of the city, close to a fairly busy street, and I’d never seen wild life in the area other than squirrels and small birds. To see this sweet little owl sitting there, just hanging out in our backyard, amazed me. And considering how discouraged I was feeling about waiting for our little owl to arrive, it held extra significance.

Somehow I knew it wasn’t just a coincidence, but an encouragement from God that our little owl was on his way very soon. A few days later Cohen was born. Later than year my husband got a tattoo of an owl on his arm to represent our son.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the falcon.

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that you knew was more than just a coincidence?

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