Day 24: Can I Be Honest?


Friends, I gotta be honest with you. Between a toddler who no longer naps and spends “quiet time” removing his diaper to soil his mattress, a house that refuses to stay clean, a load of laundry that I’ve put through the wash 3 times (cuz I keep forgetting to dry it and it starts to get that mildewy smell), a 6 month old that keeps me up all night, and writing blog posts everyday, I’m done.

I haven’t taken any time in the last few days to do exactly what I’m writing about here – LISTEN. The thing is, writing about listening should start with listening. So I’m taking today to listen. Today I’m going to use the few spare moments I have and ask God some questions, and wait on His answers. I’m gonna turn off the computer, stop checking my email and facebook and twitter and instagram every 27 seconds and just TRY to listen.

I love you, I really do. I’m praying for you each day and asking God to speak to you, more clearly than you’ve heard Him before. And when you hear nothing, I’m asking Him to make that silence so pregnant with His peace.

I’m writing about Hearing God’s Voice every day in October. You can find a list of all 31 posts as they are published by clicking here.

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