Day 23: I’m Still Gonna Listen


The waiting room was busy, full of mothers and babies, father and toddlers. Some children were restless and squirming in their seats, while others sat quietly on their mothers laps, watching with wide eyes. There were couples with newborns, and moms wrangling entire broods on their own.

But one mom caught my eye, or rather, my ear. As she held her baby boy she spoke sternly to her fidgeting toddler daughter, “Don’t ask me for nothing today! Don’t ask me for snacks or for Dora or for nothing. If you’re not gonna listen to me, I’m not gonna listen to you.”  She spoke these words over and over, using them in an attempt to control her daughters behaviour. She spoke them in frustration and anger.

I tried hard not to judge her because we’ve all been in that place before, trying to control someone else with our words – whether it be a toddler, a spouse or even a friend.

But what struck me the most were the words she kept repeating, “If you’re not gonna listen to me, I’m not gonna listen to you.”

I imagined God as the mother in this situation, and me as the unruly toddler – willful and stubborn. I tried to imagine my heavenly Father saying these words and it just didn’t fit. Even if we refuse to listen to God, He will ALWAYS listen to us. No mattter how disobedient we are, how rebellious, how distracted, He’s still gonna listen.

Even though we walk away from the Lord, He will never walk away from us. What grace.

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