Day 17: The Why


Shortly after Cohen was born I spent some time asking God some questions and listening for answers. I asked Him if I was going to be tired forever (He said yes), if I had what it took to be a mother (another yes) and then I laid the big one on Him:

Lord, now that I have this sweet baby boy, what about my dreams? What do you want me to do? What are my next steps?

And He spoke,

Heather, this is the dream. This little soul and the one raising him with you, they are my dream for you. Right now your job is to raise this little dreamer, and support the big dreamer you’re married to.

The thing is, when you ask God a question, listen for His answer and hear Him speak, nothing means more. Hearing God tell me that His dream for me was to raise my son and support my husband, has carried me through many challenging and discouraging times. In those moments when I feel my role as a mom is insignificant, I can go back to those words and remember. When I feel like Alex’s dreams are the only ones coming true these days, I can go back to that day and remember. When I feel like so many of my ideas and passion are on the back burner, I need only remember.

God gave me the why.

Why do I tidy a house that moments later will get messy? Why do I try to come up with delicious meals to feed my family? Why do I sit on the floor with the same box of lego and build the same little garage for my sons mo-mo bike each day? Why do I pray with my husband each day before meals and each night before bed? Why do I pour my energy, creativity and passion into being a better wife and mother? Why do I put some of my dreams of speaking and writing aside?

I do it because I heard God say I should.

Had anyone else in my life said those words to me, I don’t think I would’ve recieved them very well. Even if I had, they wouldn’t have continued to motivate me a year, two years, three years later.

A word from God motivates on the most exhausting day.

A word from God lifts us in our darkest hour.

A word from God brings significance when we feel unseen and small.

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