Day 12: Weekend Links


Last weekend I told you a few stories about hearing God’s voice. This weekend, I’m sharing a few great links related to the topic. Hope you find these interesting and helpful.

My uncle sent me to this devotional by Oswalk Chamber on God’s silence (go to the October 11th devotional). Next week I plan to write more about the silence, inspired by this article.

This blog post by Brad Jersak explore the diference between pursuing intimate friendship with Jesus rather than demanding predictive guidance from Him.

This book, also by Brad Jersak, is an amazing tool for learning more about how to hear from God in your day to day life.

This video by Kris Vallotton – yup. It’s a gooder. Just watch and you’ll see.

I found this article on the Relevant website and it gives more practical tips for hearing from God.

Hope you have a blessed Saturday friends.

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