Day 10: Why Listen?


For the first 20-some years of my life, I cared a lot more about what people thought about me than what God did. And the messages I heard from the poeple I was looking to weren’t always life-giving. So why did I keep working for the approval of man, instead of God? For those times when I would get it, those times when I’d recieve the compliment I was working for.

Can you relate?

Do you put more value on the words of people, whether positive or negative, than the words of your heavenly Father?

Let’s be honest here. When I write a blog post and get a comment, it makes my day. When I post something on instagram, facebook or twitter and get likes and shares and retweets, it makes me feel good. And when someone compliments me, it can make my whole day.  Conversely, when I don’t get comments or likes, shares or retweets, compliments or feedback it can be discouraging.  Doesn’t anybody like me?

So why should we put more value on God’s words than on the opinions of people?

Before you say this is a dumb question with an obvious answer, really think about it. What have people in your world done to deserve to have that place of speaking into your life? No matter how dear a friend they are, or how close a family member, God still has a one up on them.

God deserved to have the most influential opinion in your life because he died for you. He  died so that HIS voice would be the one you strained to hear, His words – prized among any other, His truth the foundation of your identity.

John 10:11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Jesus died to share His thoughts with you, the truth about who you, and how much He loves you. Has anyone else done this for you?

Today I have a little listening prayer activity for you. Take a few minutes and ask God, “what is one thing you are proud of me for?” Remember, it’s easy to get distracted and a skill to tune in to His voice, so give Him more than 10 seconds to answer. It might even mean marinating on this question all day long, asking, seeking, knocking.

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