Cohen is 5 Months

Back at the end of November my little man turned 5 months old.  On Christmas Eve he’ll be half a year old.  It’s just too crazy to think about.

The main thing going on in Cohen’s life right now is drooling and grumping around because he’s teething.  For him being grumpy is just talking/yelling loudly with this funny “I’m really mad – take me seriously” expression on his face that I really can’t take seriously at all.  He’s just too cute!

See!  What did I tell ya?

Other than drooling, he’s spitting up like Old Faithful!  Today he spit up 8 times in two hours.  8 Times!!  His shirt was soaked down to his belly button and I had to give him a bath halfway through the day.  And while I was drying him off from his bath, he spit up again!

He’s becoming very interested in food and has sucked/chewed on a cucumber slice and an apple slice (while I’m holding the other end, of course).

He loves the exersaucer/jumper and is just figuring out how to make it bounce.

Check out this cute video!

Currently he’s crying before naps even though a week or two ago he would go down without a fuss or fight.  I think he just wants to hang out instead of being alone in a dark, boring room.  Can’t blame him really.

He is still going to bed easy at 6 or 6:30pm and sleeping til 7am (nursing at 4am).

We’re still swaddling him but that’s gonna have to change soon and I’m nervous to see how that will affect our amazing sleeper.  Any advice?

He HATES getting strapped into the car seat.  Now that he can sit up he just doesn’t want to lie down when he’s awake (not in the bath, or on the change table or on the floor).  The boy wants to SIT UP.

What else can I tell ya?

He LOVES bath time, reading books (Hop on Pop is a fav. right now), hanging out with dad, talking to his bear, sitting up to play with toys, sipping water out of momma’s cup and chewing on his toes.


Read about 4 Months here.  And a few photos from the last few months to compare.

7 thoughts on “Cohen is 5 Months

  1. Cohen is just the cutest! 🙂 Ha ha…I mean what kid really does like bath time!? We sure grow out of that one…now a bath sounds glorious!

  2. He is so sweet!

    My little guy loved to be swaddled & changing that was difficult. I would suggest doing it slowly. For a week or so swaddle him with one arm out, then both out & just swaddle the body. After a while just switch him to a sleep sack!
    My son, Mason, would startle in the middle of the night and he would wake because his arms would flail. If I remember correctly they are supposed to grow out of that by 6 months. Hope that helps!
    Good luck!


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