A Book List for Winning at Life

We had dinner with new friends last night (isn’t it the best when you find new couple friends??) and one of them said she thinks everyone should do first year at BSSM, especially if you want to just win at life. And who doesn’t want that?

But seeing not everyone has the chance to do BSSM, I want to share as much of my experience here with you as possible. One of the biggest parts of the school is reading a ton of amazing books. I promise if you read even half of these, your mind will be transformed, your heart made more whole and your life changed as a result (It’s a big promise, I know. but it’s true).


So here is the book list for BSSM first year:

When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson

Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson

30 Days to Understanding your Bible by Max Anders

Experiencing the Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost

Basic Training for the Prophetic by Kris Valloton

Evangelism Supernaturally by Chris Overstreet

Grasping God’s Word by Duvall & Hayes

Supernatural Power of Forgiveness by Jason Valloton

Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Valloton

Ways of Royalty Workbook by Kris Valloton

Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson

Keep your Love On by Danny Silk

Moral Revolution by Kris Valloton

Spirit Wars by Kris Valloton

Christian History Made Easy by Timothy Jones

God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord by Bill Johnson

And this one isn’t required reading, but I would HIGHLY recommend reading Culture of Honor by Kris Valloton. It shapes so much of the way church and relationships are done around here. Amazing book.

Also, I have to write book reports for a lot of these and was thinking of posting them here if you think it would be helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Friday!


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