Long Bio

Heather Boersma is a Christian speaker who has a passion for the word of God and a desire to share it in a way that makes sense.  She has always loved to write and began her first devotional book in grade eight.  Though she always had the love and support of her family, Heather struggled to make solid Christian friends in Jr.High.  During this time she learned to depend on God for love and acceptance.  Her confidence grew as she turned to the truth of his word for her identity, rather than the opinion of her peers.

After graduating from high school, Heather attended Capernwray Bible school in New Zealand where her passion for speaking and preaching was first sparked.  While traveling in Australia, she preached her first sermon in a local church, further confirming her calling.  Upon returning home Heather worked at summer camps, taught in her youth group and helped start a young adults ministry in her home church.  She also earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and her Bachelor of Education.

After three years of teaching full time, Heather felt like she was no longer pursuing her big dream.  Though called to speak and write, she had become sidetracked with making money and creating a “comfortable” life.  In order to step out into what God called her to, she decided to resign her teaching position and pursue speaking and writing full time.  When her students asked her why she was leaving, she told them “My book is called Dream Big, so I need to take my own advice and go after my big dream too!”

Heather is currently the writer and host for a new TV show called Beautiful Unique Girl.  She speaks at summer camps, youth conferences, retreats and chapels.  She loves traveling, swimming and secretly wishes she could have her own cooking show!  Her favorite people in the world are her hubby Alex and their stinkin’ adorable kids, Cohen and Claire.