7 Months

Cohen Loves

– making an “o” shape with his mouth and experimenting with the sounds he can make

– eating solid food, especially apples, mango, butternut squash, sweet potato and Mum Mum crackers

– grabbing his toes and shoving them in his mouth

-grabbing just about anything and shoving it in his mouth

-smiling at strangers

– giggling

– reading books with mom and dad

– jumping in his excisaucer or jolly jumper

– being tickled on his ribs and belly

Cohen Does Not Love

– getting dressed after a bath

– having to wait even a second to nurse before bed (he wants it and he wants it now!!!)

– being overtired

– being constrained in the car seat

– getting stuck on his tummy.  He still can’t figure out how to roll from his tummy to his back…he used to be able to.

We Love

– cuddles

– watching the affect he has on people (he can make just about anyone smile!)

– reading books to him

– those chunky thighs

– how great of a traveller he is

– that he slept through the night twice since he turned 7 months (which was only 2 days ago!)

7 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. He is so sweet! Happy 7 month birthday!! I think it was around the 7 month mark that J learned he could roll in both directions, so I’m sure Cohen will figure it out soon….only to be replaced by something else…like getting stuck standing up 🙂 they’re so funny sometimes

  2. Your right about his ability to make anyone smile or laugh. He’s just got one of those smiles that can’t help but make others smile! Great site you have, as it’s my first time visiting.

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